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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) What type of Hides/Skins does Leather Masters use?

Cowhide, Goat Skin, Camel Skin, Fish Leather

Q2) What materials may be used for production if not leather?

Items can be made in Cotton Canvas, PVC, PU, Rexin, woven materials or other unique materials selected by the client. For lining the products interior we use cotton/polyester/ African print material and if needed water proof lining. For examples of products made with other material 

Q3) Where is the leather sourced from? 

Tanneries with modern effluent plants that meet the EU requirements on usage of PCP and AZO dyes.

Q4) What are the time lines to deliver a confirmed order?


We do not stock products. We work with time-frames suitable to the client. 

Q5) What colours can you produce?

All colours are available 

Q6) What are the types of leather finish available? 

- Classic bag leather          - Crunch                  - Oil Pull Up

- Hair on                              - Hunting Suede     - Nubuk 

- Natural Milled Leather    - Nappa                   - Special Print

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